All Hands focuses on the craft of a traditional
handyman, in conjunction with the skills and
knowledge to keep up in today's swiftly moving society.

As a kid, I’ve always had the aptitude for using my hands to create, build, and fix every day in home items. I have always been a fan of puzzles and games that test and focus on spatial intelligence and strategy, and I like to showcase that interest with every project that I complete. All Hands for me is about show casing my creative interest along with building relationships with every client I encounter. I’ve learned that all types of relationships work better when there is trust involved, and that is why I will work until your project is exactly how you want it. I’m not in the business of liking, I’m in the business of loving – and that is what I want for my clients, every time. The smiles, the happiness, the excitement I see when the project is complete makes everything worth it. 

I’ve had the pleasure of working with All Hands on various projects for my clients. Majazz was super professional and exhibited tremendous knowledge and passion for his work. The process of securing his service was also seamless and allowed me to focus on other aspects of the design process. I look forward to working with All Hands in the future!