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My name is Majazz Muwwakkil, owner and daily operator of All Hands Assemble Services. With my company I wanted to bridge the gap between the traditional old-fashioned handyman and blend it with more modern style and aesthetics. With the tool box I wanted to create a space to help, educate, and share some of my own DIY knowledge that I’ve gained over the years. From in depth videos + articles and in home assembly to full scaled digital education products. The toolbox will provide all the best All Hands knowledge in a digestible format for the everyday homeowner.

So, lets open our toolbox and let me show you the top 10 tools every homeowner should have.

1.      Power Drill with an assortment of bits.

A power drill is a tool with an electrical motor that rotates a replaceable drill bit at your choice of speeds, to allow easier driving of screws through different materials. You’ll need one of these because using a screwdriver will begin to cramp your hand after awhile.. trust me.

2. Measuring tape

A tape measure, or measuring tape is a type of hand tool typically used to measure distance or size. It is like a much longer flexible ruler consisting of a case, thumb lock, blade/tape, hook, and sometimes a belt clip.

3. Stud Finder

Hanging heavy objects on walls requires that you anchor the fastener to an unseen wall stud rather than just to drywall. A stud finder can identify a stud’s location, making it easier to get the project right the first time when hanging shelves, pictures, TVs and more.

4.  Screwdrivers (Flathead and Phillips head)

Usually hand-operated, for turning screws with slotted heads. Would recommend places that a power drill cannot fit into, also will allow you to not strip the screws, because once a screw is stripped, it’s a [redacted] to remove. Usually, one of each is all you need.

5. Hammer

You just never know when you’re going to need one of these. Outside of the obvious hammering, hammers are great to use for the removal of nails.

6. Screws and anchors

IF YOU ARE NOT DRILLING DIRECTLY INTO A STUD IN THE WALL PLEASE PLEASE AND PLEASE use a drywall anchor. Whatever item you are hanging will thank you later. 

7. Allen Key Set

With 98% (this is not a real stat) of items that need to be assembled, an allen key or hex key is sent to help with said assembly. This is a simple tool used to drive bolts and screws with hexagonal sockets in their heads.

8. Ratchet and Sockets

A ratchet and socket combination (sometimes called a socket wrench) lets you turn a nut or bolt without repositioning the tool on the fastener — like you need to do with a wrench when there isn’t enough room to turn it in a full circle. This can make the work quicker.

9. Wrench

Wrenches are made in various shapes and sizes and are used for gripping, fastening, turning, tightening and loosening things like nuts and bolts.

10.  Level

A level is a tool used to determine whether a surface is … wait for it….. leveled. A quick and easy way to look back at your work to test and check if all the wonderful work you’ve done is leveled!

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